Encouraging open and diverse artistic values ​​requires cross-border experiments.

In the field of design, I believe it is crucial to relax design restrictions and embrace diverse artistic values and cross-boundary experimentation. With the progress of society and the continuous development of technology, the boundaries of design are gradually blurring, which provides designers with more opportunities and possibilities.

First of all, relaxing design restrictions means getting rid of traditional mindsets and frameworks, and no longer being limited to a particular design style or approach. This can stimulate innovative thinking in designers, enabling them to express their ideas and emotions more freely. At the same time, relaxing restrictions also means paying more attention to the actual needs and experiences of users, and thinking about how to create a better life experience from their perspective.

Secondly, open and pluralistic artistic values mean respect and acceptance of various artistic viewpoints and styles. In today's society, people's pursuit of beauty is more and more diverse, and different cultures, backgrounds and values are influencing people's perception of beauty. Therefore, designers should keep an open mind, try to understand and accept different artistic views, draw inspiration from them, and create more colorful design works.

Finally, cross-boundary test is the inevitable trend of design development. With the cross-integration between different fields, the scope of design is no longer limited to the traditional field. For example, the combination of technology and design has produced new fields such as smart homes and wearable devices; The combination of design with sociology and psychology can help us better understand the needs and behaviors of users, so as to create more humane products and services. Therefore, designers should have the courage to try cross-border cooperation, break through the traditional field restrictions, and explore a broader design space.

To sum up, relaxed design, open multiple artistic values and cross-border experimentation are important driving forces for the development of design. Only by constantly innovating, trying and breaking through, can design better serve human society and create a better future.