Interaction:As the name suggesting, it involves more than two elements interacting.

We often understand interaction, especially in the presentation of details, requiring an interaction to produce changes in at least two or more content elements, simulating real space and time,

Real space: when you look at an item from a different perspective, the background behind this item and the item actually change, and you can’t just deal with the core items you interact with, so: the best interaction is not only to deal with the “core "Element", we must also take care of the "non-core" content changes in the spatial scene where the "core" element is located. PS: The details we often say determine the success or failure, or that the product/design he makes has details, often talking about the designer's ability to handle "non-core" content.

Real time: when you are still, time is actually playing, time does not stop, so you are "passive" also in motion, so there is no absolute stillness, so: essentially all elements are relative In motion.